Ebay Cashback

Savings That Add Up When Shopping on Ebay.co.uk

Which Site Pays Most eBay Cashback?

As with any brand, the cashback you'll earn on ebay.co.uk purchases can vary by purchase type. Each of the three sites below has a dedicated ebay cashback page that details full cashback rates and rules.

To help you choose the most suitable cashback site in the meantime, we've listed the standard amount of cashback you'd earn back.

Remember, cashback rates are always changing, so make sure you check all three sites at the time of purchase:


Up to 1%
  • 1.0% on online purchases


Up to 1%
  • 1.0% on online purchases


Up to 1%
  • 1.0% on online purchases

These prices were last checked in June 2022


There are lots of cases of cashback rates being lower than they were prior to the pandemic; some offers have even been removed altogether.

We do our best to track and update each site's cashback rates, but please double-check the rate on your site of choice, before you make any purchases.

What is Cashback?

Are you wondering what we mean by 'cashback', or how you could possibly be earning cashback from your online purchases?

Why not take 5 minutes to read our cashback guide, and find out.

Which is the Best Cashback Site?

Whilst your savings on Ebay might quickly add up, it's far from the only way to earn cashback as you spend online.

We've compiled a detailed comparison of the UK's best cashback sites for you.

About eBay

eBay's parent company, eBay Inc. is now based in San Jose, California.

After being founded in September 1995, it has gone on to become the world's largest auction site. As it continued to blossom, eBay has branched out beyond auctions into online shopping.

It now has operations in over 30 countries, and revenue in excess of $10 billion.

Until 2015, eBay also owned its integrated payment service, Paypal.

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