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Which Site Pays Most Amazon Cashback?

We've included the latest cashback rates below.

Remember that all three sites have their strengths, so we'd always recommend registering with all three sites to stay savvy!



Up to 2.5%
  • 2.5% on selected purchases


Up to 2%
  • 2.0% on selected purchases


  • No cashback available

These prices were last checked in June 2022


There are lots of cases of cashback rates being lower than they were prior to the pandemic; some offers have even been removed altogether.

We do our best to track and update each site's cashback rates, but please double-check the rate on your site of choice, before you make any purchases.

What Is Cashback?

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What is the Best Cashback Site?

If you aren't earning cashback on the majority of your online purchases, you're missing out.

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About Amazon

Now the world's biggest retailer, Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994.

Based out of Seattle, Amazon has an online presence in most major countries and is valued at over $1 trillion (with over half a million employees across the world!)

Given its dominance and hugely instrumental role in online shopping, the demand for cashback and discount codes is like no other.

Here's the rub - Amazon's model doesn't really play well to discount (they strive to be the cheapest as it is), so discount codes and cashback are scarce.

But, as you've hopefully seen above, it's actually possible to earn Amazon cashback using UK specialist cashback sites!

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